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Our Network

Property Wealth Network has formed strategic alliances with Australia’s leading professionals, who can assist you:

  • ACCOUNTANTS AND TAX AGENTS – Our team can assist you with the tax benefits of your property investments, complete a Pay As You Go (PAYG) Variation to reduce your taxable income, resulting in the increase of your monthly take home pay. These professionals can also assist you in getting the right advice so that you can minimise your income tax and use the tax system to grow your portfolio.
  • SOLICITORS – Our team can assist you in all the legal matters relating to the purchase of your property investment.
  • MORTGAGE BROKERS  – Our team are all Authorised Credit Representatives specialising in Investment Property Loans. They will provide you with multiple lending options from major banking institutions, taking into consideration your financial position and ascertaining your ability to comfortably service the loan.
  • FINANCIAL PLANNERS  – Our Financial Planners can provide assistance with important protection strategies such as considering income protection, death, trauma and disability insurance, which will provide you with the peace of mind when property investing.
  • PROPERTY CONSULTANTS – Our Property Consultants are all licensed real estate agents and they can assist you in the acquisition of well researched investment properties that meet your investment criteria, based on location, dwelling types and budget.
  • PROPERTY MANAGERS – Our Property Managers assist you the landlord, in arranging a tenant, collecting rent and bond, organise inspections, arranging for repairs and maintenance to be performed. They oversee the property to ensure holding your investment property is as easy as possible.

Our services are here to help you in providing a comprehensive property investment service with the option to use one of our affiliated professional services, or to retain your existing relationship with your trusted advisor.

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