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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started in property investing?

Property Wealth Network can provide you with a free consultation either in your home, in our offices or in a location that may suit you. This offer is available for a limited time only. During the consultation, we will review your objectives and determine how we can assist you in achieving them. We will provide you with tips and strategies to empower you in your quest for financial security.

Why use Property Wealth Network for Property Investing?

Property Wealth Network advisors are licensed Real Estate Agents and Investment Property specialists. We have strategic alliances with Finance & Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Accountants & Tax Agents, Solicitors and Property Management companies to make the process of property investing a smooth and easy process with minimal cost.

We understand you are often time-poor and do not want to spend hours on end researching the best locations, the best builders, the best professionals to provide you with the right advice. With our network of advisors, we can provide you with information that can to assist in building your property investment strategy.

How much will I require as a deposit?

If using cash at bank, on average $100,000 is required as a deposit for a property valued at $400,000. This is based on a 20% deposit, Government charges and legal fees. Alternatively, if you have existing properties you can utilise your properties existing equity. Equity is the difference between the bank value of your home and the money owed to the financial institution. The banks will lend on 80% of the equity with no Lenders Mortgage Insurance required. Property Wealth Network can explain the many different ways of how to get started in property investment that is most suitable to your personal circumstance.

I am not sure if I will get a loan. Can you help?

Yes. Our Finance and Mortgage broker professionals can assist in ascertaining your borrowing capacity and present various lending options from leading banks and financial institutions to best suit your personal circumstances.

Is there a fee to utilise Property Wealth Networks services?

The fees generated by Property Wealth Network are paid for by the vendor, usually by a Property Developer and/or the builder. We are entitled to charge the fees to the vendor as licensed Real Estate Agents. Our alliance partners charge a fee for their professional services with the exception of a mortgage broker.

Can you own an investment property that will increase your weekly income?

Property Wealth Network’s objective is to assist in building our clients property portfolio, by not only buying properties that go up in value but also obtain properties that will give you maximum cash flow. Our properties have provided clients with an additional weekly cash amount, depending on their taxable income and rental property returns.

Where do I buy an Investment Property?

Property Wealth Network researches population growth, infrastructure and government investment, together with employment opportunities, affordability, rental yields and vacancy rates. We complete an assessment of these factors on a national level to determine whether the property will be a viable property investment opportunity for our clients.

As the property market is dynamic, property investment opportunities vary from state to state and property prices reflect supply and demand factors that exist at any point in time. We endeavour to recommend investment properties that are likely to show capital growth over the next 3-5 years with strong rental yields and taxation benefits. Our objective is to help you achieve your financial objectives faster.

I am aware that Property Wealth Network has offices in Sydney and the Gold Coast. How can you assist me if I live in another location?

We do not necessarily have to meet face-to-face to start working on a property investment strategy or showing you how to get started in property investment. With the benefits of technology, such as Skype or Face time, we can bring our property expertise and strategies, together with our latest investment property opportunities, directly to you.